The Journal of Teaching English With Technology (TEwT)

Teaching English With Technology

Reviewing Procedure for TEwT

1. Each publication is reviewed by at least two external reviewers.

2. Since the language of publication is English, at least one reviewer is a native speaker of English.

3. At least one reviewer has a different affiliation country than the author.

4. The submissions are subject to the double blind review process.

5. Every care is taken so that there is no conflict of interest between the authors and the reviewers.

6. The review is made in a written form with a clear conclusion on acceptance or rejection of the submission.

7. The reviewing procedure and the reviewer file are published on the Journal’s website at

8. The names of reviewers for particular issues are not revealed, instead, once a year, the aggregate list of reviewers for the entire volume is published.

9. Tewt journal general submission guidelines

10.TEwT Code of conduct